We created The Synapse to be a hub for science fans everywhere. This podcast has a team of knowledge-seekers and neural science enthusiasts behind it — moving it forward and growing with every episode. Most importantly, this team came together without much experience in the podcast business, but they brought their excitement, hard work, and interest in both science and podcasts to each meeting so that the podcast could bring our world of neural science to you, our listeners. Here’s a little more on our unique band of rookies:

Samantha Long, Founder & Producer

  • Hello! I am a senior studying neural science, and am trying my best to become a doctor someday. I think that neural science can be a beautiful blend between science and art, which makes it easy for anyone to appreciate the field. I have to credit Oliver Sacks’ humanistic writing on neurological disorders for my inspiration for creating this podcast; his work was informative, simple, and was the reason I found neural science in the first place! My hope for this podcast is to teach you something interesting about the nervous system and maybe give a motivational story or two along the way.

Derin Calgar, Audio Producer & Sound Engineer

  • Check back soon!

Sophie Spector, Co-Host & Social Media Manager

  • I’m a first year student from Boston (wicked!) studying STEM on a premedical track. I love all things neuroscience and am an avid podcast listener. My favorite neuro topics to read about include neuropathology, neurosurgical techniques, and the art and history of brain science. I am also passionate about mental health and hidden disability, and how neurology can help. In my free time, you can find me in the ceramics studio, going to concerts, in my genomics lab, or knitting with my cats.

David Besprozvany, Co-Host & Researcher

  • Check back soon!